Disney May Turn Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Into Reality


Star Wars fans, get ready, your dream may soon come true.
Disney has filed a patent that will allow its theme park visitors to battle with “real” lightsabers.
It appears the patent was filed in 2015, one year before Disney announced it would be opening Star Wars Land at both Disneyland and Disney World.

Disney’s new patent describes plans to create a device which looks, feels, sounds and behaves like a real lightsaber. Continue reading “Disney May Turn Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Into Reality”

Hotels in South Florida Hit by Hackers

JW_Marriott_Grande_Lakes_OrlandoHotels in Florida and 9 other states may have been hit by hackers for months.

The hotel operator HEI Hotels & Resorts, which operates approximately 60 hotels and resorts under a variety of brands, was notified by its credit card processor of a potential breach and started an internal investigation. The investigators found malware put into place on the payment processing systems in at least 20 of its properties, four of them in Florida.

Data from customers, including names, payment card account numbers, card expiration dates and verification codes, may have been collected between December 2015 and June 2016. Continue reading “Hotels in South Florida Hit by Hackers”

Florida Man Shot at Teens Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

Pikachu-_the_Pokemon_with_shock_-_Thinktank_Birmingham_Science_Museum_(8614649226)A Florida man fired at two teenage Pokémon Go players on Saturday, mistaking them for burglars.

Pokemon Go, the application that allow you to catch Pokemon in real location, is currently all the rage all over the world.

Orlando police said a man fired at two teenage Pokémon Go players very early on Saturday morning, after he had mistaken them for thieves looking for a house to rob.  Continue reading “Florida Man Shot at Teens Playing ‘Pokemon Go’”

Dr. Beach Names Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay Best Beach in the USA

Easter-sunrise-south-beach-miami-04-08-2007-by-tom-schaefer-miamitom-for-wikipedia-03 (1)Dr. Beach has named Hanauma Bay the Best Beach of 2016.

The best beach in America is Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, according to Dr. Beach’s “Top 10 list of beaches for 2016.”

Stephen Leatherman is a Florida International University professor  known as Dr. Beach. Leatherman as a coastal scientist has been reviewing beaches around the country since 1991.

For the second year in a row a beach in Hawaii has been selected as the beach No.1 on the list of America’s top ten beaches. Dr. Beach uses about 50 criteria to assess and rank beaches including water and sand quality as well as other major factors like safety and management. Continue reading “Dr. Beach Names Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay Best Beach in the USA”

Florida in the Top List of the Fastest Growing Areas in the US

Sunset_with_coconut_palm_tree,_FijiFlorida is home to the fastest growing cities in the US, according to figures released last week by the US Census Bureau. Florida was home to six of the nation’s 20 fastest-growing metro areas from 2013 to 2014. It seems the beautiful weather, beaches and palm trees in the Sunshine State are drawing more and more Americans and Florida has become the nation’s third most-populous state displacing New York. California and Texas take the first two positions. You can read more on the topic here.