Chicago_O'Hare_International_AirportFifty-eight security officers and four bomb-sniffing canine teams are being sent to O’Hare International Airport to help with excruciatingly long lines at security check points.

The Transportation Security Administartion has announced plans to hire about 800 new officers this month, as well as to pay for more part-time workers and overtime in an effort to reduce lengthy wait times at security checkpoints. More »

South_Lebanon_refugeeDo you remember Viktor Navorski, a character portrayed by Tom Hanks in the 2004 The Terminal, a film directed by Steven Spielberg? Navorski is forced to stay at a New York City airport after officials say he is denied enrty into the US and at the same time he cannot return to his native country because a war has broken out there.

Unfortunately, it seems the same story may happen to people in real life. A Kurdish family of six has been stuck at a Russian airport for more than 50 days while  they were attempting to claim asylum in the country after fleeing Syria. More »

Plane wing at sunset.jpgMelbourne International Airport is planning  to market itself as Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Looking to attract more passengers and air service, Melbourne International Airport is attempting to connect with one of the top tourism destinations in the world by marketing itself as Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

One of the points is travelers to consider Melbourne as a less congested alternative to the airports in Orlando. As Melbourne airport has always been overshadowed by Orlando International Airport and even Orlando Sanford International Airport. More »

800px-A_maglev_train_coming_out,_Pudong_International_Airport,_ShanghaiOrlando is a few hi-tech steps closer to boast the first commercial magnet-powered train in the country. Last week, Florida approved plans for construction of a privately funded floating train that would link the convention center with Orlando International Airport and will be the first of its kind.

The futuristic train is about to be built by Georgia-based American Maglev Technology. More »

main_img_sanfordMore than 2 million people passed through Orlando Sanford International Airport Last year. And more accurate – a total of 2,033,620 passengers breaking the record of record of 1,840,453 set in 2008. Airport officials announced the statistics on Monday and are predicting an even better year in 2014, when they expect passenger traffic to surpass 2.2 million. More »