Unicorp’s I-Drive Plan Attracting Hotel Interest

OrlandoNightSkylineUnicorp National Developments Inc.’s master plan for International Drive and Universal Boulevard is already getting hotel interest, and it is only a week after being revealed.

During a November 20 I-Drive meeting, Unicorp’s President Chuck Whittall said he has received calls from two different companies that may want to build hotels on his I-Drive land. However, he didn’t disclose the companies’ names. Its property is running from Sand Lake Road to Via Mercado and currently houses parking or future demolished structures on the blocks. Continue reading “Unicorp’s I-Drive Plan Attracting Hotel Interest”

Fifty-acre Water Park Resort Planned Near Disney World

800px-Magic_mountain_water_park_monctonGreat Wolf Resorts Inc. is planning to build its first resort in Florida on a site across Interstate 4 from Disney World near Orlando.

The company, that is the owner and operator of a chain of indoor water parks, has declared its intentions to Orange County to build an 800-room hotel featuring a built-in water park on 50 acres of land at 8800 Meadow Creek Drive, according to county records.

Great Wolf Resorts Inc. is based in Wisconsin and has 12 locations in operation across the U.S. Continue reading “Fifty-acre Water Park Resort Planned Near Disney World”

Universal and City Hall vs. Skyplex: the Saga Contunues

track1aWhen only a year ago, Wallack announced plans to construct the world’s tallest roller coaster as the centerpiece of Skyplex complex on International Drive, the project was praised by owners of local companies that hope it would draw more tourists.
Twelve months later, the future of the world’s tallest roller coaster is in doubt, thanks to opposition led by neighboring Universal Orlando, which says the proposed 570-foot Skyscraper, featuring a 450-foot drop, is not only too tall, but would adversely change the culture of the tourist corridor. Continue reading “Universal and City Hall vs. Skyplex: the Saga Contunues”

Family of Six Refugees Stuck Living at Airport for More Than 50 Days

South_Lebanon_refugeeDo you remember Viktor Navorski, a character portrayed by Tom Hanks in the 2004 The Terminal, a film directed by Steven Spielberg? Navorski is forced to stay at a New York City airport after officials say he is denied enrty into the US and at the same time he cannot return to his native country because a war has broken out there.

Unfortunately, it seems the same story may happen to people in real life. A Kurdish family of six has been stuck at a Russian airport for more than 50 days while  they were attempting to claim asylum in the country after fleeing Syria. Continue reading “Family of Six Refugees Stuck Living at Airport for More Than 50 Days”

IFly to Build Another Attraction on I-Drive, Orlando

800px-Vertical_wind_tunnel_simulated_skydivingIFly Orlando is planning to build a new skydiving attraction on a location closer to Pointe Orlando and the Orange County Convention Center. The new attraction will be located between Icebar Orlando and Wonder Works.

According to the permits that have been recently filed with the South Florida Water Management District, a new 11,260-square-foot skydiving facility is planned to be build on the new location. Continue reading “IFly to Build Another Attraction on I-Drive, Orlando”