Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Receive $3B Expansion and New Name

Rock_n_Roller_Coaster,_Disney's_Hollywood_StudiosDisney’s Hollywood Studios may receive the largest renovation in the company’s history. The $3 billion expansion at Walt Disney World Resort has recently been approved by Disney’s board. However, a lot of speculation and nothing official has been announced yet.

Rumors behind the park’s massive overhaul have reached critical mass and the truth may soon be revealed. Official announcement is expected to be made at this year’s D23 Expo in Anaheim in August and this will end months of speculation about the awaited massive overhaul.

The upcoming 10 year expansion will include farewells to some attractions, welcome new lands and long-awaited changes that will make the park dominated by Star Wars, Pixar and Indiana Jones. Attractions like the American Idol Experience and Magic of Disney Aniation, Muppet Vision 3d and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular have closed to make room for the new ones. Continue reading “Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Receive $3B Expansion and New Name”

Orlando Eye Riders Stuck at 400 Feet

OrlandoNightSkyline66 riders were stranded on the Orlando Eye and had to be evacuated from the 400-foot attraction last Friday afternoon.

At about 3:45 p.m. the operating systems that monitor the position of Ferris wheel indicated a technical default. The wheel had initially stopped for 45 minutes. Andrea Alava, a public relations manager for the Orlando Eye said in a statement that as a safety precaution, the wheel is designed to automatically shut down when communication with the system is interrupted. Continue reading “Orlando Eye Riders Stuck at 400 Feet”