United Airlines Computer Glitch Delays Flights

National_Airlines_Boeing_757-200_SimonThousands of United Airlines’ passengers across the world were delayed Thursday evening for several hours due to a computer glitch.
The Chicago-based airline confirmed in a statement on its Twitter feed late on Thursday that an issue with its weight reporting system temporarily halted departures. The company apologized for the inconvenience and confirmed they were working “to get customers to their destinations as soon as possible.” Continue reading “United Airlines Computer Glitch Delays Flights”

Orlando International Airport to Shut Down Operations at 8 p.m. Thursday

Boeing_737-2B7_Adv._US_Air_N279AU,_MCO_Orlando,_FL_(Orlando_International_Airport),_USA_PP1164719158Thursday morning, Orlando International Airport officials announced that the airport will be closed to commercial operations starting at 8 p.m. because of Hurricane Matthew. The announcement was made on the airport’s official twitter page.
An airport spokesman confirmed that OIA will close at 8 a.m. and hopes to reopen on Saturday but only after damage assessment is done. However, Mathhew has been unpredictable until now and it is not known for sure when it will resume flight operations. Continue reading “Orlando International Airport to Shut Down Operations at 8 p.m. Thursday”

Hawaiian Airlines Is Weighing Passengers Before Boarding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwo American Samoan businessmen have filed separate complaints with the United States Transportation Department over Hawaiian Airlines’ policy to weight the passengers before boarding.
They claim that they had to be weighed before they boarded a flight from Honolulu . They also were assigned specific seats to keep the load evenly around the aircraft.
Avamua Dave Haleck and Daniel King said the new policy seemed very discriminatory Continue reading “Hawaiian Airlines Is Weighing Passengers Before Boarding”

The Kennedy Space Center May Soon Be Underwater

571px-Spaceship_one2NASA’s Kennedy Space Center could soon be under water due to global warming.
Sea levels are rising and the multi-billion dollar complex is already seeing the effects of climate change. It appears, the land under the center is slowly sinking into the ocean. The Space Center in Florida may have to abandon some of its launchpads and facilities within a decade.
NASA partnering with the U.S. Geological Survey has been doing research on erosion happening along a 6-mile stretch of beach between the iconic launch pads 39A and 39B which have been used for the Apollo missions to the moon and many space shuttle flights.
The majority of NASA’s facilities are located at the edge of the sea for logistical reasons. If failures happened, they would be less dangerous to the public when launching rockets or testing spacecrafts over water. Continue reading “The Kennedy Space Center May Soon Be Underwater”