Disney May Turn Star Wars Lightsaber Battles Into Reality


Star Wars fans, get ready, your dream may soon come true.
Disney has filed a patent that will allow its theme park visitors to battle with “real” lightsabers.
It appears the patent was filed in 2015, one year before Disney announced it would be opening Star Wars Land at both Disneyland and Disney World.

Disney’s new patent describes plans to create a device which looks, feels, sounds and behaves like a real lightsaber.

Theme park guests will walk into a theatre in which the air is filled with a certain particulate matter such as water vapor, condensed water, liquid nitrogen, theatrical fog or dust to make the laser beams clearer.

Drones would be used to send beams of light down to the audience, who will be provided with faux LED-beaming lightsabers that transmit infrared light to deflect the lasers back at the flying machines. Visitors would be given heptic vests which are meant to simulate the feeling of being hit.

In short, guests would run around with LED lightsabers deflecting laser-beam-shooting drones.

The latest patent includes black and white drawings showing a drone shooting a beam of light towards a man holding a long and thin device similar to a lightsaber.

At this point, officials for Disney say the company has no plans to introduce this technology to its theme parks. Disney files hundreds of patents every year and not all of them see the light of day, admitted a Disney representative.