Bill Nelson Wants Limits on Drones Around Airports

1google-droneNowadays, drones are widely used by hobbyists for photography and corporations for surveying purposes. The growing use of drones is adding to safety concerns and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, D-Fla. called a meeting of the top executives of seven of Florida’s largest airports. The meeting was held at Orlando International Airport on Friday.

Drones are quickly becoming a threat to airliners and need to be federally regulated to ensure that they don’t get too close to airplanes landing or taking off from airports, Continue reading “Bill Nelson Wants Limits on Drones Around Airports”

USO Welcome Center is Coming to Orlando International Airport

800px-Orlando_International_Airport_terminal_from_arriving_airplaneThe USO Central Florida to build a welcome center at the Orlando International Airport.

More than 10,000 soldiers, sailors and marines pass through the airport every week and they are looking for a place to stay between flights.

At more than 160 airports nationwide and around the world, including Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, and other countries, American troops and their families can find USO welcome centers, where they might connect to loved ones via Internet or phone, play a video game, relax and let their kids play, get a free snack, or have a private farewell. But for Orlano International Airport it will be the first USO welcome center for the past 15 years. Continue reading “USO Welcome Center is Coming to Orlando International Airport”