Dr. Beach Names Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay Best Beach in the USA

Easter-sunrise-south-beach-miami-04-08-2007-by-tom-schaefer-miamitom-for-wikipedia-03 (1)Dr. Beach has named Hanauma Bay the Best Beach of 2016.

The best beach in America is Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay, according to Dr. Beach’s “Top 10 list of beaches for 2016.”

Stephen Leatherman is a Florida International University professor  known as Dr. Beach. Leatherman as a coastal scientist has been reviewing beaches around the country since 1991.

For the second year in a row a beach in Hawaii has been selected as the beach No.1 on the list of America’s top ten beaches. Dr. Beach uses about 50 criteria to assess and rank beaches including water and sand quality as well as other major factors like safety and management. Continue reading “Dr. Beach Names Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay Best Beach in the USA”

TSA Sends 58 Additional Security Officers To O’Hare To Help With Security Lines

Chicago_O'Hare_International_AirportFifty-eight security officers and four bomb-sniffing canine teams are being sent to O’Hare International Airport to help with excruciatingly long lines at security check points.

The Transportation Security Administartion has announced plans to hire about 800 new officers this month, as well as to pay for more part-time workers and overtime in an effort to reduce lengthy wait times at security checkpoints. Continue reading “TSA Sends 58 Additional Security Officers To O’Hare To Help With Security Lines”

Disney Lifts Veil off Shanghai Park

400px-Disneyworld_fireworks_-_0215Shanghai Disneyland has opened its doors for a test run ahead of the giant theme park’s official opening next month. Stunning aerial images showed China’s Disneyland lit up for the first time.

The resort’s employees, partners and stakeholders received a sneak preview of the $5.5 Billion Shanghai Park on Saturday. Disney guests can only try out some attractions, entertainment and dining facilities on selected dates over a six-week period while the world’s largest entertainment company is getting ready for the official opening of its first Disney park in Shanghai. The theme park welcomed some 30,000 visitors on just the second day of its trial run. Continue reading “Disney Lifts Veil off Shanghai Park”

Cedar Point Opens Latest Record Breaking Roller Coaster

800px-Diving_Coaster_-_Happy_Valley_Shanghai_11Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio is clearly on the hunt for thrill-seekers with its newest addition, dubbed Valravn which is the latest record breaking roller coaster. After months of anticipation from coaster fans across the country, Cedar Point opened to the public its newest addition last Saturday- the same day the park opened for the season.

Named after a supernatural raven from Danish folklore, the new ride Valravn (VAL’-ray-vuhn) is now recognized as the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster. The Cedar Point’s new attraction is the third dive coaster to open in the United States. A dive coaster is a steel roller coaster that has at least one 90-degree drop, giving its riders the sensation of free-fall. Continue reading “Cedar Point Opens Latest Record Breaking Roller Coaster”