Orlando Airport to use Lockheed software

Boeing_737-2B7_Adv._US_Air_N279AU,_MCO_Orlando,_FL_(Orlando_International_Airport),_USA_PP1164719158Orlando International Airport is the first airport in the US to use Lockheed forecasting software, officials announced a week ago. The new software is being already used by more than 20 Europe and Asia airports.

According to the airport, Lockheed Martin’s new software is expected to play a key role in increasing the airport‘s growth potential. The advanced software is designed to analyze and calculate major airline flight scenarios in two hours. The process now takes two days. The software also operates as an iPad application which can recalculate routes and forecast future flight demand.

The software is developed by a German subsidiary of Lockheed’s Maryland-based company.

Victor Jaramillo, head of marketing and international development at the airport said that their main goal is to expand the airport’s route network and the cooperation with Lockheed Martin will help to achieve it.

Financial terms of the deal are not yet available.