Melbourne Airport to Add ‘Orlando’ to Its Name

Plane wing at sunset.jpgMelbourne International Airport is planning  to market itself as Orlando Melbourne International Airport. Looking to attract more passengers and air service, Melbourne International Airport is attempting to connect with one of the top tourism destinations in the world by marketing itself as Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

One of the points is travelers to consider Melbourne as a less congested alternative to the airports in Orlando. As Melbourne airport has always been overshadowed by Orlando International Airport and even Orlando Sanford International Airport. People who fly into Melbourne, instead of Orlando, and want a vacation that includes the theme parks in Orlando, a visit to Kennedy Space Center Complex and perhaps want to spend some time on the beach, the more likely will stay for several days at one of the Space Coast hotels. According to Space Coast Office of Tourism Executive Director Eric Garvey, “identifying the airport as part of the Greater Orlando market is a very smart thing to do.” Garvey says that it is “an easier and affordable way to enjoy the theme parks in Orlando.” Space Coast is so close to Orlando that “people will think nothing of an hour’s drive. It’s a very easy drive.”

Trying to connect Orlando with the Space Coast market is not for the first time. The Space Coast Office of Tourism has already marketed the Space Coast  as ‘Orlando’s Closest Beaches.’ Some cruise lines have marketed port-of-call stops at Port Canaveral as “a stop in Orlando.”

Tourism officials say the new name also will help to attract more Port Canaveral cruise passengers who are flying into Florida and will choose Melbourne International, instead of Orlando International. They could extend their stay at Space Coast hotels either before or after their cruise.

Airport officials say they are currently striving to attract new airlines and flights to Melbourne airport by introducing incentives such as waiving landing fees and terminal rent for up to two years; providing airport staff to assist in passenger check-in and many others. Melbourne International Airport is one of the lowest-cost airports in Florida for airlines to operate in, based on cost per passenger.