Disney World’s $1 Billion Star Wars Land Nearing Completion

Areal pictures show a variety of attractions, including a replica of the iconic Millennium Falcon in the final stages of construction.

Fans are counting down the days until Walt Disney World opens a new section of its amusement park specifically devoted to the Star Wars franchise. 

The new addition to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge is set to open at the theme park in Orlando, Florida on August 29.

Galaxy’s Edge, almost ready for visitors, is set across 14 acres and is reportedly costing $1 billion to be completed.

A near-identical Star Wars land will open at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in a few days.

Several steeples and round-topped towers can be seen, as construction workers create what will be known as Black Spire Outpost –  an imaginary village that will now be an extension of the Star Wars world. Other photos focus on specific areas, such as the Rise of the Resistance area. The Millennium Falcon can also be seen still under construction in the aerial images.

The development team says they were inspired by the architecture of Middle Eastern cities, including Istanbul and Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, cranes and excavators can also be seen in the aerial shots, with the installation of highly-anticipated and technologically-groundbreaking rides.

According to Daily Mail.

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