First Glimpse of Upcoming Fast & Furious – Supercharged Attraction

Universal Orlando has released a few more details about its upcoming Fast and Furious attraction at Universal theme park. However, a specific opening date wasn’t announced. “The spring of 2018” said officials from the company.

Universal promises plenty of real-life automobiles involved in the Fast and Furious Supercharged attraction, which means guests will have unique high-speed action experience. A post on the official Universal blog shows that the space houses upgraded cars designed for racing: some of them we have seen in the film’s series and others are especially designed for the high-speed chase experience.

The new attraction will feature the iconic Dodge Charger owned by the character of Dom, played by Vin Diesel. The vehicle is currently parked in front of the Fast and Furious family’s new headquarters. Also, guests will see for the first time, Letty’s Turbo Truck, a silver, sleek-looking cab, the vehicle created especially for the park’s ride.

Once riders enter the ride, they become a part of a special mission. After they read the instructions written on Tej’s high-tech War Room walls, the guests are ready for a 3-D adventure.

The attraction will also feature a new virtual line system where guests can avoid wait times by selecting a specific time before getting on the ride through the Official Universal Orlando Mobile Application or at a kiosk located by the entrance.

With no exact opening date of this new Fast & Furious experience, fans just have to halt their need for speed.

According to Orlando Sentinel.