SeaWorld’s counterattack on Blackfish gets more aggressive

PETA-s-Whale-Slavery-Lawsuit-Against-SeaWorld-Tossed-2The “Open Letter from SeaWorld’s Animal Advocates” — which appears in today’s Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, among other papers — is SeaWorld’s answer to criticisms raised by the CNN film. It doesn’t identifies the “Blackfish” directly but defends the park’s way of caring for its 29 whales SeaWorld President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Atchison said in an interview Thursday that the company decided to respond after several well-known performers backed out of concerts that had been scheduled for early next year at SeaWorld Orlando, most of them citing the “Blackfish” controversy. “The men and women of SeaWorld are true animal advocates. We are the 1,500 scientists, researchers, veterinarians, trainers, marine biologists, aquarists, aviculturists, educators and conservationists who have dedicated our lives to the animals in our care as well as those in the wild that are injured, ill or orphaned. Whether it’s a sea lion, manatee, sea turtle or whale, we are on call 24/7.” states the letter. More on the theme read on OrlandoSentinel