Drones coming to Disney World

400px-Disneyworld_fireworks_-_0215Disney is planning to use drones as part of their theme park shows. Last week, the mega-amusement park filed for three drone patents, envisioning flying robots that could animate giant puppet Disney characters, carry large aerial projection screens or act as floating pixels in virtual fireworks shows.

According to the three recently published patent applications, the first one describes the use of multiple drones that pull the strings on super-large marionettes, moving their limbs. In the second patent application, Disney suggests drones that carry flexible projection screens Continue reading “Drones coming to Disney World”

SeaWorld killer whales released back to the ocean?

800px-Killerwhales_jumpingSeaWorld San Diego could be forced to stop its killer whale shows by a California bill that would ban using orcas in performances, keeping them in captivity, end breeding programs, as well as the import and export of the animals. Similar bills are proposed by activists in Florida and Texas where SeaWorld has theme parks. The bill was inspired by the documentary “Blackfish”, a Magnolia Pictures production. The film recalls the death of a SeaWorld trainer caused by a 12,000-pound killer whale in Orlando in February, 2010. Continue reading “SeaWorld killer whales released back to the ocean?”