Virtual Reality Added to SeaWorld’s Oldest Roller Coaster

SeaWorld has just completed the makeover of its 17-year-old roller coaster.
Kraken is the first major ride in Florida to add the high-tech option of virtual reality goggles. Although it is a major makeover for the coaster, it doesn’t involve any changes to the track.
The renovated coaster is getting a new name, Kraken Unleashed. SeaWorld gives its guests the feeling of simulated reality through technology that projects an undersea showdown with the ride’s namesake monster.
SeaWorld’s oldest coaster has been closed for two months. The park got virtual reality equipment installed, and reopened last Friday as the first major Florida theme park with a virtual reality plug-in. Continue reading “Virtual Reality Added to SeaWorld’s Oldest Roller Coaster”

SeaWorld Orlando To Add Sesame Street Land

SeaWorld Entertainment announced they are planning to build new Sesame Place theme park in Orlando.

Sesame Street and SeaWorld Parks are partnering to build a new Sesame Street land at its Orlando theme park by the year 2022. They are also considering a second Sesame Place theme park in a yet-unknown location in the United States.



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SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Now in Testing Phase

Banshee_(roller_coaster)Mako SeaWorld’s shark-inspired roller coaster is one step closer to reality

The hypercoaster, that was recently under construction, is now in testing mode. Empty ride vehicles have been spotted running along the truck. Roller coasters over 200 feet tall are given the designation of hyper coaster.

SeaWorld shared a test ride video of its newest roller coaster Mako, giving people a rider’s view of the attraction The video was released on the company’s facebook page a few days ago. The video showed off a number of twists and turns from the first person perspective.

The track for Mako, SeaWorld’s shark-themed roller coaster, Continue reading “SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Now in Testing Phase”

SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Opens June 10


Fight your fear and get ready for the wildest ride in Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando has announced an opening date for its new thrill ride, the Mako Hypercoaster. Theme-park guests will be able to board Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster on June 10, when the new shark-themed ride will have its grand opening, according to the press release.

Just last month the final piece of SeaWorld’s hypercoaster Mako was installed. The park has been touting Mako as the longest, tallest and fastest in Orlando. Named after a fast shark that changes course abruptly, the roller coaster will boast a 4,760-feet long track with tight twists and turns, sharp drops and “shark-attack speeds.” Continue reading “SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Opens June 10”

The Next Orlando’s Tallest, Longest and Fastest Roller Coaster is Coming

450px-Kraken_at_SeaWorld_Orlando_21SeaWorld Orlando has recently announced that it is building a new hypercoaster that will be the tallest, fastest and longest ever in Florida.

Named Mako, the new attraction is inspired by mako sharks, also called “blue pointers”, the fastest of all species of sharks in the world and known for making extreme jumps and the ability of quickly change course when they are hunting for food.

The new hypercoaster will feature Continue reading “The Next Orlando’s Tallest, Longest and Fastest Roller Coaster is Coming”

Richard Branson under attack to stop selling SeaWorld trips

800px-Orca_Orlando_SeaworldThe billionaire founder of Virgin Group has been set under fire in a new campaign by animal rights groups for its partnership with SeaWorld. Richard Branson’s company is criticized to sell packages to SeaWorld where whales and dolphins are kept and perform in tanks for tourists. The campaign is held by Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), a wildlife charity which is dedicated to the worldwide conservation and welfare of all whales, dolphins and porpoises. Continue reading “Richard Branson under attack to stop selling SeaWorld trips”

SeaWorld killer whales released back to the ocean?

800px-Killerwhales_jumpingSeaWorld San Diego could be forced to stop its killer whale shows by a California bill that would ban using orcas in performances, keeping them in captivity, end breeding programs, as well as the import and export of the animals. Similar bills are proposed by activists in Florida and Texas where SeaWorld has theme parks. The bill was inspired by the documentary “Blackfish”, a Magnolia Pictures production. The film recalls the death of a SeaWorld trainer caused by a 12,000-pound killer whale in Orlando in February, 2010. Continue reading “SeaWorld killer whales released back to the ocean?”